Writer of the Dark 
Dark Carneval Press
Year :
October 1986
Book No. : None
Edition : 1st
Format : Trade Paperback
Pages : 180
Cover art : Bodo Schäfer & Thomas Kovacs
Illustrations : Bodo Schäfer
Writer of the Dark

Writer of the Dark

Other editions:

"Foreword" by Thomas Kovacs
"Introduction" by Glenn Lord
Letter to Tevis Clyde Smith, circa October 1928
"Salaam; I could have gone ..."

"Skulls" (poem)
"Ghost Dancers" (poem)
"Long Ago"  (poem)
"Tiger Girl" (poem)
"Let the Gods Die" (poem)
"Swamp Murder" (poem)
"The Cooling of Spike McRue" (poem)
"A Legend" (poem)
"The Song of the Gallows Tree" (poem)
"Song Before Clontarf" (poem)
"The Ghost With the Silk Hat"
"Graveyard Rats"
"Teeth of Doom"
"The Mark of a Bloody Hand"
"Spears of Clontarf"
 "A Gent from the Pecos"
Limited edition of 500 numbered copies.
Published to mark the 50th anniversary of Howard's death.
There are two hardcover copies, one retained byThomas Kovacs and one given to Glenn Lord.
As of early 2000 there were 500 sets of pages, with 200 bound in a reddish orange paper with a rat design, and 120 more in an undecorated tan paper ("after he lost the first cover design"). Another "80 were lost in a flood," with 100 more as yet unbound, but intended to appear as hardcovers.