Witchcraft & Sorcery Volume 1 Number 5
Fantasy Publishing Company
Year :
January - February 1971
Book No. : None
Edition : 1st 
Format : Magazine
Pages : 64
Cover art : Burge
Illustrations : D. Bruce Berry, Burge, Stephen Fabian, Steve Fritz, Robert E. Jennings, Jeff Jones, and Tim Kirk.
  Witchcraft & Sorcery Volume 1 Number 5           
Other editions:  None

"Mistress of Death" (Completed by Gerald W. Page)
"Musings" (poem)
Non-REH Content
"The Great Pyramid of Gaza"
by L. Sprague de Camp (poem)
"Editor's Grimoire" by Gerald W. Page
"The Dark Door" by Leo P. Kelley
"House of Evil" by Pauline C. Smith
"The Momentary Ghost" by Carleton Grindle
"Portrait of Things to Come" by Leon Zeldis
"The Ideas" by Edith Ogutsch and Ross Rocklynne
"Four Letters to Clark Ashton Smith" by H. P. Lovecraft
"Ghost Tour" by Andre Norton
"Wind Magic" by Edmund Shirlan
"The Forgotten" by Lin Carter (poem)
"Hate" by Terri Pinckard
"Jade Pagoda" by E. Hoffmann Price
"The Rat and the Snake" by A. E. van Vogt
Department of Pointed Tales
1. "Bruce" by Saliitha Grey
2. "Embarkation of Evil" by W. S. Cobun
3. "Smoke" by Leo Tifton
"Tower of Blood" by David A. English
"Were-Creature" by Kenneth Pembrooke
Reader's Eyrie
Editor: Gerald W. Page
Art Director: Jerry Burge
Publisher: William L. Crawford
"Mistress of Death" is illustrated by Jeff Jones
Prior to this issue, Witchcraft & Sorcery  was published by the  Camelot Publishing Company as Coven 13.