West Is West & Others

Rob Roehm & Alex Runions
Year : February 2006
Book No. :
216422 (Trade Paperback)
Book No. : 216466 (Hardcover)
Edition : 1st
Format : Hardcover  
Trade paperback

Pages :
Cover art : Photo of Robert E. Howard
Illustrations : None
   West Is West & Others  
West Is West & Others - back cover
Other editions:
Roehm's Room Press

"Introduction" by Rob Roehm
"Foreword" by Alex Runions
"Robert E. Howard as a Boy" by Mrs. T.A. Burns
"West Is West"
"'Golden Hope' Christmas"
"Unhand Me, Villain"
"Aha!" or "The Mystery of the Queen’s Necklace"
"Robert Howard, Short Story Writer"

"The Sheik"
"The Sea" (poem)
"What the Nation Owes to the South"
"Halt! Who Goes There?"
"The Kissing of Sal Snooboo" (poem)
"The Ideal Girl"
"The Maiden of Kercheezer" (poem)
"The Rules of Etiquette" (poem)
College Writings
"Illusion" (poem)
"Fables for Little Folks" (poem)
"Roundelay of the Roughneck" (poem)
"Futility" (poem)
"Tarantella" (poem)
"Jacket to Have Short Story Writer"

"After the Game"
"Sleeping Beauty"
"Weekly Short Story"
"Private Magrath of the A.E.F." (poem)
"The Thessalians"
"Ye College Days"
"Cupid vs. Pollux"
"The Reformation: A Dream" (Authorship uncertain)
Poetry Journals
"Flaming Marble" (poem)
"Rebellion" (poem)
"A Lady’s Chamber" (poem)
"Dreaming on Downs" (poem)
"Skulls and Dust" (poem)
"Empire’s Destiny" (poem)
"Shadow of Dreams" (poem)
"Red Thunder" (poem)
"Tides" (poem)
"To a Woman" (poem)
"One Who Comes at Eventide" (poem)
Letters to the Editor
To ADVENTURE magazine, ca. February 1924
“I am writing for information . . .”

To ADVENTURE magazine, ca. July 1924
 “At what period did the feudal system. . .”

To THE RING, ca. early 1926
“Here is my opinion on the greatest heavyweights . . .”

To WEIRD TALES, ca. May 1927
“Your last three issues . . .”

To WEIRD TALES, ca. April 1928
“Mr. Lovecraft’s latest story . . .”

Letter to BROWNWOOD BULLETIN, 18 July 1928 “Arthur “Kid” Dula is due to be the . . .”
also known as "Dula Due to Be Champion"
Letter to FORT WORTH RECORD, ca. July 1928
“Tunney can’t win.”

Letter to WEIRD TALES, ca. October 1929
“I have just been reading . . .”

Letter to WEIRD TALES, ca. March 1930
“‘Thirsty Blades’ is fine.”

Letter to WEIRD TALES, ca. December 1930
“I was particularly fascinated . . .”

Letter to WEIRD TALES, ca. February 1932
“Congratulations on the appearance . . .”

Letter to WEIRD TALES, ca. May 1936
“Enthusiasm impels me . . .”

Letter to THE CALIFORNIAN, Summer 1936
“Thank you very much . . .”

Unusual Stories (advertisement)
Letter to THE FANTASY FAN, ca. Nov 1933
“I find the Fantasy Fan . . .”

Letter to THE FANTASY FAN, ca. late 1933
“I liked the November issue . . .”

Comment on Robert E. Howard 1
"Robert E. Howard sustained some very . . ."
Letter to THE FANTASY FAN, ca. April 1934
“Smith’s poem in the March issue . . .”

Comment on Robert E. Howard 2
"Mysterious letters postmarked . . ."
"Voices of the Night: The Voices Waken Memory" (poem)
Comment on Robert E. Howard 3
"M. Brundage is a woman and has . . ."
Comment on Robert E. Howard 4
"Robert E. Howard's occupation is fiction writing . . ."
"Babel" (poem)
"The Ghost of Camp Colorado"
"Under Our Reading Lamp" by THE REPUBLIC Editor
"The Adventure Story" by Natalie H. Wooley
"The Tempter" (poem)
"With a Set of Rattlesnake Rattles"
THE GHOST, May 1945 (with E. Hoffmann Price)
        Letter to Farnsworth Wright, ca. June-July 1931
       “In your last letter . . .”

        "Some People Who Have Had Influence Over Me"
        "The Wandering Years"
        Letter to E. Hoffmann Price, February 15, 1936
        “I’ve eventually found time . . .”

        Letter to E. Hoffmann Price, April 21, 1936
        “Glad you-all liked ‘She-Devil’.”

        Postcard to E. Hoffmann Price, June 3, 1936
        "Sorry to hear Pawang Ali . . ."

Untitled (“The wind from the Mediterranean . . .”)
"But the Hills Were Ancient Then" (poem)
"On Astounding" letter published in AMRA V2N9
"Dreams of Ninevah" (poem)
        "The Sands of Time" (poem)
        "Sonora to Del Rio" (poem)
        "With a Set of Rattlesnake Rattles"
        "The One Black Stain" (poem)
        Letter to Harold Preece, ca. October 1930
       "Well, Harold, how did you like my story . . ."

        "The Skull in the Clouds" (poem)
THE HOWARD COLLECTOR #3, Autumn 1962  
        "West Is West"
        "Surrender" (poem)
         Letter to Harold Preece, received 20 October 1928
        "Your stationery is alright."

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The dates of the letters correspond with the letter dates published in THE COLLECTED LETTERS OF REH rather than the dates noted in WEST IS WEST & OTHERS.