Weird Tales Volume 7 Number 4
Popular Fiction Publishing Company
Year : April 1926
Book No. : None
Edition : 1st
Format : Periodical (Pulp Magazine)
Pages : 144
Cover art : E. M. Stevenson
Illustrations : Andrew Brosnatch

Non-REH Content
"The Outsider" by H. P. Lovecraft
"The Contra-Talisman" by George Ballard Bowers
"The Hooded Death" by Joel Martin Nichols, Jr.
"Out of the Mists of Time" by William Benton Frazier
"Knights of the Red Owl" by Elwin J. Owens
"The Derelict" by Frank A. Mochnant (Part 1)
"Teeth" by Galen C. Colin
"The Vengeance of India" by Seabury Quinn
"The Phantom Drug" by A. W. Kapfer
"The House in the Willows" by Sewell Peaslee Wright
"Duval's Weird Experiment" by F. Williams Sarles
Weird Story Reprints
"The Mummy's Foot" by Theophile Gautier
"The Tiger" by William Blake (poem)
"Things That Are God's" by C. Franklin Miller
"The Yellow Specter" by Stewart Van der Veer
"The Glacier Lode" by Strickland Gillilan
"On the Dead Man's Chest" by Eli Colter (conclusion)
The Eyrie (letter column)
Editor: Farnsworth Wright
"Wolfshead" is illustrated by an unknown artist.
Robert E. Howard's first cover.

   Weird Tales Volume VII Number 4

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