Weird Tales Volume 21 Number 6 
Popular Fiction Publishing Company 
Year : June 1933
Book No. : None
Edition : 1st
Format : Periodical (Pulp Magazine)
Pages : 128
Cover art : Margaret Brundage 
Illustrations : Andrew BrosnatchJ. Allen St. John, Jayem Wilcox, Hugh Rankin

"Black Colossus"
Non-REH Content
"Golden Blood" (Part 3 of 6) by Jack Williamson
"The Iron Man" by Paul Ernst
"The Crawling Curse" by Hugh B. Cave
"Genius Loci" by Clark Ashton Smith
"The Dwellers in the House" by Sophie Wenzel Ellis
"A Sprig of Rosemary" by H. Warner Munn
"The Last Drive" by Carl Jacobi
"Nellie Foster" by August W. Derleth
The Eyrie (letter column)
"The Floor Above" by M. Humphreys
Editor: Farnsworth Wright
"Black Colossus" is illustrated by Jayem Wilcox.

         Weird Tales Volume 21 Number 6      
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