Weird Tales: The Magazine That Never Dies
Science Fiction Book Club/Doubleday
Year :
October 1988
Book No. :
Edition : 1st
Format : Hardcover with dust jacket
Pages :
Cover art : Richard Kriegler
Illustrations : Richard Kriegler
      Weird Tales: The Magazine That Never Dies
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"Skulls in the Stars"
Non-REH Content
"Foreward" by Stefan R. Dziemianowicz
"Introduction: The Eyrie" by Marvin Kaye
"Interim" • Ray Bradbury
"The House of Ecstasy" by Ralph Milne Farley
"The Stolen Body" by H. G. Wells
"The Scrawny One" by Anthony Boucher
"The Sorcerer’s Apprentice" by Lucian of Samosata
Translated by Sir Thomas Moore

"Eena" by Manly Banister
"The Look" by Maurice Level
"Methought I Heard a Voice" 
L. Sprague de Camp & Fletcher Pratt
"Off the Map" by Rex Dolphin
"The Last Train" by Fredric Brown
"Ti Michel" by W. J. Stamper
"In the X-Ray" by Fritz Leiber Jr.
"Speak" by Henry Slesar
"The Pale Criminal" by C. Hall Thompson
"The Sombrus Tower" by Tanith Lee
"Mr. George" by August Derleth
"The Terror of the Water-Tank"
William Hope Hodgson
"The Legend of St. Julian the Hospitaller"
Gustave Flaubert
"The Hoax of the Spirit Lover" by Harry Houdini
"Seed" by Jack Snow
"Masked Ball" by Seabury Quinn
"The Woman with the Velvet Collar
Gaston Leroux
"Mistress Sary" by William Tenn
"The Judge’s House" by Bram Stoker
"The Bagheeta" by Val Lewton
"Ghost Hunt" by H. R. Wakefield
"Funeral in the Fog" by Edward D. Hoch
"The Damp Man" by Allison V. Harding
"The Lost Club" by Arthur Machen
"Wet Straw" by Richard Matheson
"Mysteries of the Faceless King"
Darrell Schweitzer
"More Than Shadow" by Dorothy Quick
"The Dead Smile" by F. Marion Crawford
"The Sorcerer’s Apprentice" by Robert Bloch
"Chicken Soup"
Katherine MacLean & Mary Kornbluth
"The Haunted Burglar" by W. C. Morrow
"Never Bet the Devil Your Head" by Edgar Allan Poe
"He" by H. P. Lovecraft
"The Brotherhood of Blood" by Hugh B. Cave
"The Weird of Avoosl Wuthoqquan"
Clark Ashton Smith
"Men Who Walk Upon the Air"
Frank Belknap Long
"A Child’s Dream of a Star" by Charles Dickens 
"The Perfect Host" by Theodore Sturgeon
"Why Weird Tales?" by Otis Adelbert Kline
Miscellaneous Notes by Marvin Kaye
Recommendations for Further Reading
Marvin Kaye
Edited by Marvin Kaye with Saralee Kaye
The cover painting is based on REH's
"Skulls in the Stars."

There are small illustrations by Richard Kriegler at the conclusion of some stories to fill out the page.