Weirdbook Two 
W. Paul Ganley
Year : 1969
Book No. : None
Edition : 1st
Format : Periodical (8.5 x 11, saddle stapled)
Pages : 32 (includes front and back covers)
Cover art : G. M. Farley (Front)
Daniel W. Preston (Back)

Illustrations : None

"The Haunted Hut"
Non-REH Content
"Editorial" by W. Paul Ganley
"City of the Seven Winds" by Joseph Payne Brennan
"The Spell of Night" by Andrew Duane (poem)
"Return of the Spy" by H. Warner Munn
"Vibrations on a Theme by Heine" by Walt Klein (poem)
"Terror From the Ages" by Ray Jones
"Like Father" by Leo P. Kelley
"The Wanderer" by H. Warner Munn (poem)
"Courts of the Morning" by Michael F. Night
"The Son of Time" by Walter Quednau
"No Stone Unturned" by Charlene James
"To Fade in Silence" by Timothy R. Allison
"Weird Tales" by Walter Shedlofsky (poem)
"In the Mask Shop" by Janet Fox (poem)
"The Spaceship Game" by Larry Dworin
"The Entity" by George T. Wetzel
Edited by W. Paul Ganley

       Weirdbook Two
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