Weirdbook 15 
W. Paul Ganley
Year :
Book No. : None
Edition : 1st
Format : Periodical (8.5 x 11, perfect bound)
Pages : 68 (includes front and back covers)
Cover art : Bradford Blakely (front)
Rick Harrison (back)

Illustrations : Kris Schiva, Chris Pelletiere, John L. Skies, Hans-Peter Werner, Stephen Peregrine,  James William Hjort, Bruce Stewart Conklin,  Ole E. Peterson, Jon Holcome, Joseph Littlejohn
"Drake Sings of Yesterday" (poem)
Non-REH Content
"Foreword" by W. Paul Ganley
"Recognition" by Brian Lumley
"The Other Murder of Etelven Thios"
by Darrell Schweitzer

"The Final? Murder? of Etelven Thios?"
by Darrell Schweitzer

"The Painting at the Wrights" by Michael Avallone
"Arkham Sequence" by R.C. Walker (poem)
"No More Remembered"
by Joseph Payne Brennan
"The Climbing Tree" by Lee Barwood
"Two Princes of Saturn" by Gerald W. Page
"The Chill" by Dennis Etchison
"After Robert Graves" by Bernadette Bosky (poem)
"The Prayer Machine" by Thomas Lyman
"Dark Daughter" by Marion Schoerberlein (poem)
"Pathways" by A. Arthur Griffin (poem)
"Iodonis and the Twin Titans"
by Jessica Amanda Salmonson

"Prisoner of the Omega" by William Scott Home
"Artemis" by Wendelessen (poem)
"The Fate of Enoch Whately"
by S. Kanemann & Wm. Tredinnick

"Never Touching" by Eddy C. Bertin
"Wanderers of the Waters" by H. Warner Munn
Edited by W. Paul Ganley

       Weirdbook 15
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