Waterfront Fists and Others
Wildside Press
Year : May 2003  (hardcover)
Year :
December 2004 (trade paperback)
Book No. : 1592241360 (hardcover)
Book No. :
080951124X (trade paperback)
Edition : 1st
Format : Hardcover with dust jacket
Trade paperback

Pages : 308
Cover art :
Illustrations : Original artwork from stories
  Waterfront Fists and Others

Other editions:

"Introduction" by Mark Finn
"Letter to the Ring" April 1926
("Here is my opinion on the greatest heavyweights . . .")
"Kid Lavigne Is Dead" (poem)
"Dula Due To Be Champion"
"Apparition In The Prize Ring"
"The Pit Of The Serpent"
"The Bull Dog Breed"
"Sailor's Grudge"
"Fist And Fang"
"The Iron Man"
"Winner Take All"
"Waterfront Fists"
"Champ Of The Forecastle"
"Alleys Of Peril"
"Texas Fists"
"Circus Fists"
"Vikings Of The Gloves"
"Night Of Battle"
"The Slugger's Game"
"General Ironfist"
"Sluggers of the Beach"
"Alleys Of Darkness"
Edited by Paul Herman
A collection of boxing stories
All edited back to their original pulp appearance
Includes original artwork from stories