The Treasure of Tranicos
Year :
July 1980
July 1985 (2nd printing)
Book No. : ISBN-10: 0441822452
ISBN-10: 0441822460 (2nd printing)
Edition : 1st
Format : Paperback
Pages : 192
Cover art : Sanjulian
Illustrations : Esteban Maroto
   The Treasure of Tranicos  
Other editions:

"Introduction" by L. Sprague de Camp
"The Treasure of Tranicos"
"The Treasure of Tranicos" by L. Sprague de Camp
The background behind the story.
"Skald in the Post Qaks" by L. Sprague de Camp
Price: $2.50 (1st printing)
Price: $2.75 (2nd printing)
"The Black Stranger" was originally written as a Conan story for WEIRD TALES that was not accepted. 
REH rewrote it into a Black Vulmea story ("Swords of the Red Brotherhood"), which was also not accepted.  
L Sprague DeCamp found 
"Swords of the Red Brotherhood" and rewrote it into a different Conan story ("The Treasure of Tranicos").
This book is lavishly illustrated by Esteban Maroto.
There are 59 black and white illustrations.  
Some fill part of a page, some are full page, and some are double page spreads.