Thriller: The Complete Series
Image Entertainment
Year :
August 2010
Book No. : ID6429NCDVD
Edition : 1st
Format : DVD
Pages : 14 Disk Box Set
Cover art : Photo of Boris Karloff
Illustrations : None
      Thriller: The Complete Series `
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Thriller is an hour-long TV Horror anthology series that originally aired on NBC from 1960 to 1962.
"Pigeons From Hell" Episode Details
Original air date: June 6, 1961
Written by: John Kneubuhl
Directed by: John Newland
Starring: Brandon DeWilde, Crahan Denton, David Whorf, and Ottola Nesmith

"Pigeons From Hell" (Video adaptation) (Disk 8)
Non-REH Content
"The Twisted Image" (Disk 1)
"Child's Play" (Disk 1)
"Worse Than Murder" (Disk 1)
"The Mark of the Hand" (Disk 1)
"Rose's Last Summer" (Disk 1)
"The Guilty Men" (Disk 2)
"The Purple Room" (Disk 2)
"The Watcher" (Disk 2)
"Girl with a Secret" (Disk 2)
"The Prediction" (Disk 2)
"The Fatal Impulse" (Disk 3)
"The Big Blackout" (Disk 3)
"Knock Three-One-Two" (Disk 3)
"Man in the Middle" (Disk 3)
"The Cheaters" (Disk 3)
"The Hungry Glass" (Disk 4)
"The Poisoner" (Disk 4)
"Man in the Cage" (Disk 4)
"Choose a Victim" (Disk 4)
"Hay-Fork and Bill-Hook" (Disk 4)
"The Merriweather File" (Disk 5)
"The Fingers of Fear" (Disk 5)
"Well of Doom" (Disk 5)
"The Ordeal of Dr. Cordell" (Disk 5)
"Trio for Terror" (Disk 5)
"Papa Benjamin" (Disk 6)
"Late Date" (Disk 6)
"Yours Truly, Jack the Ripper" (Disk 6)
"The Devil's Ticket" (Disk 6)
"Parasite Mansion" (Disk 6)
"A Good Imagination" (Disk 7)
"Mr. George" (Disk 7)
"The Terror in Teakwood" (Disk 7)
"The Prisoner in the Mirror" (Disk 7)
"Dark Legacy" (Disk 7)
"The Grim Reaper" (Disk 8)
"What Beckoning Ghost?" (Disk 9)
"Guillotine" (Disk 9)
"The Premature Burial" (Disk 9)
"The Weird Tailor" (Disk 9)
"God Grante that She Lye Stille" (Disk 9)
"Masquerade" (Disk 10)
"The Last of the Sommervilles" (Disk 10)
"Letter to a Lover" (Disk 10)
"A Third for Pinochle" (Disk 10)
"The Closed Cabinet" (Disk 10)
"Dialogues with Death" (Disk 11)
"The Return of Andrew Bentley" (Disk 11)
"The Remarkable Mrs. Hawk" (Disk 11)
"Portrait Without a Face" (Disk 11)
"An Attractive Family" (Disk 11)
"Waxworks" (Disk 12)
"La Strega" (Disk 12)
"The Storm" (Disk 12)
"A Wig for Miss Devore" (Disk 12)
"The Hollow Watcher" (Disk 12)
"Cousin Tundifer" (Disk 13)
"The Incredible Doktor Markesan" (Disk 13)
"Flowers of Evil" (Disk 13)
"'Till Death Do Us Part" (Disk 13)
"The Bride Who Died Twice" (Disk 13)
"Kill My Love" (Disk 14)
"Man of Mystery" (Disk 14)
"The Innocent Bystanders" (Disk 14)
"The Lethal Ladies" (Disk 14)
"The Specialists" (Disk 14)