The Pulps: 50 Years of American Pop Culture
Chelsea House
Year :
Book No. :
Edition : 1st
Format : Trade paperback
Pages :
xvi plus 239
Cover art : Harold J. Ward
November 1941

Illustrations : 100 full color pulp covers plus numerous interior illustrations
The Pulps: 50 Years of American Pop Culture      
Other editions:
Chelsea House
1970 trade paperback

"The Purple Heart of Erlik"
"The Valley of the Worm"
Non-REH Content
"Preface" by Henry Steeger
"Foreward" by Tony Goodstone
"Nickel Heroes / Dime Novels"
by Tony Goodstone (Introduction)

Chapter 1 / Adventure Pulps
"Section Introduction" by Tony Goodstone
"The Resurrection of Jimber-Jaw"
by Edgar Rice Burroughs
"The Greek Poropulos" by Edgar Wallace
"The Devil Must Pay" by Frederick C. Painton
"Manchu Terror" by William P. McGivern
"A Nigh-Side Prod" by Charles A. Freeman (poem)
"The Camp-Fire" by- Georges Surdez
The Boomer Trail  (personal ads from RAILROAD MAGAZINE, 1936)
Chapter 2 / Sports
"Section Introduction" by Tony Goodstone
"The Yellow Twin" by Paul W. Gallico
"From the Bleachers" by Handley Cross
Chapter 3 / Aviation and War
"Section Introduction" by Tony Goodstone
"The Flaming Arrow" by George Bruce
"Origin of the Lafayette Escadrille Insignia"
"War Planes" by William E. Barrett
"Tarmac Talk" by Eddie McCrae
"Tale of the Transport"
by William V. V. Stephens
Chapter 4 / Western and Frontier
"Section Introduction" by Tony Goodstone
"The Ghost" by Max Brand
"Old Pard" by J. E. Grinstead
"Butler’s Nag" by Frank Richardson Pierce
"A Ticket Outside" by Robert Ormond Case
"Tough Enough" by Luke Short
"Stampede" by Powder River Bill
Chapter 5 / Detective and Mystery
"Section Introduction" by Tony Goodstone
"Mr. Alias, Burglar" by Rodriguez Ottolengui
"One Hour" by Dashiell Hammett
"Detectograms" by Lawrence Treat (puzzle)
"The Deadly Orchid" by T. T. Flynn
Narrative Cross-Word Puzzle
by Richard Hoadley Tingley
"Death’s Passport" by Robert Leslie Bellem
"The Torture Pool" by MacKinlay Kantor
"Wake for the Living" by Ray Bradbury
Chapter 6 / Innocence
"Section Introduction" by Tony Goodstone
"Hot Rompers" by Russ West
"Enter the Vampire" by Clement Wood (poem)
"Seeing New York by Kiddie Car" by Philip Wylie
"Kitty the Kisser" by John Held, Jr (cartoon)
"A Plea for the Old Music"
Richard Le Gallienne (poem)
"A Place for Everything"
Harry Irving Shumway (poem)
"Wisdom" by Carrington North
Chapter 7 / Straight Out Sex
"Section Introduction" by Tony Goodstone
"Labyrinth of Monsters" by Robert Leslie Bellem
"The Dinner Cooked in Hell" by Mindret Lord
Chapter 8 / Supernatural
"Section Introduction" by Tony Goodstone
"The Vengeance of Nitocris"
by Tennessee Williams
"In Mayan Splendor"
by Frank Belknap Long (poem)
"The Green Window"
by Mary Elizabeth Counselman
"Train for Flushing" by Malcolm Jameson
Drawing for Longfellow’s “Skeleton in Armor”
by Virgil Finlay
"The Seed from the Sepulchre"
by Clark Ashton Smith
"Continuity" by H. P. Lovecraft (poem)
"The Gardens of Yin" by H. P. Lovecraft (poem)
Chapter 9 / Science Fiction
"Section Introduction" by Tony Goodstone
"Wanderer of Infinity" by Harl Vincent
"Parasite Planet"  by Stanley G. Weinbaum
Chapter 10 / Paper Tigers
"The Hero Pulps" by Tony Goodstone
Edited by Tony Goodstone
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