Street & Smith's Sport Story Magazine Volume 33 Number 2
Street and Smith Publications 
Year : October 25, 1931
Book No. : None
Edition : 1st
Format : Periodical (Pulp Magazine)
Pages : 144
Cover art : Unknown
Illustrations : Unknown

"Man With the Mystery Mitts"
Non-REH Contents
"Champ, Champ, Champ" by Wallace Norman
"Most Profitable Investment" by Anonymous
"Forged Crowns" by James P. Olsen
"Now It Can Be Told" by Anonymous (Column)
"Babe Ruth Portrait" by Anonymous
"The Big Bam" by Jack Kofoed
"What’s the Answer?" by Anonymous (Column)
"Olympics Broadcast" by Tom Lewis (Article)
"The Scene’s Set for 32 Too Much Training"
by Anonymous
"The Bigger They Are" by Anonymous
"You Can’t Beat a Kelly" by Francis M. Cockrell
"Physical Improvement (Lesson VIII)"
by Lawson Robertson 
"Pigskin Feud" by T. W. Ford
"Three Years Make a Difference" by Anonymous
"Foul Balls" by Anonymous
"From the Bleachers" by Handley Cross (Column)
 "The Seagoing Jinx" by Jay J. Kalez
"How to Play Basket Ball (Lessons I-II)"
by Arthur Mann
"Excuse My Dust" by Kent Sagendorph
"The Announcer" by Anonymous (Column)
"Half Pint by Herbert L. McNary"
"Mat Not for Gridiron Stars" by Anonymous
"No Power to Pitchers" by Anonymous
"Men and Events" by [The Editor] (Column)

      Street & Smith's Sport Story Magazine Volume 33 Number 2
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