Skull-Face Omnibus
Neville Spearman
Year :
Book No. : 859780074
Edition : 1st
Format : Hardcover with dust jacket
Pages : 475
Cover design : Reg Boorer
Illustrations : None
 Skull-Face Omnibus  
Other editions:
Arkham House
Panther 1
Panther 2
Panther 3

"Foreward" by August Derleth
"Which Will Scarcely Be Understood" (poem)
"Robert E. Howard: A Memorium" by H.P. Lovecraft
"A Memory of Robert E. Howard" by E. Hoffmann Price
"The Black Stone"
"The Horror from the Mound"
"The Cairn on the Headland"
"Black Canaan"
"The Fire of Asshurbanipal"
"A Man-Eating Jeopard"
"The Hyborian Age"
"Worms of the Earth"
"The Valley of the Worm"
"Skulls in the Stars"
"The Rattle of Bones"
"The Hills of the Dead"
"Wings in the Night"
"The Shadow Kingdom"
"Mirrors of Tuzun Thune"
"Kings of the Night"
"The Phoenix on the Sword"
"The Scarlet Citadel"
"The Tower of the Elephant"
"Rogues in the House"
"Shadows in Zamboula"
"Lines Written in Realization That I Must Die" (poem)
There was a second printing in 1975.