Singers in the Shadows
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Year :
Book No. : None
Edition : 1st
Format : Hardcover with dust jacket  (6 x 8.75 inches)
Pages : 60
Cover art : Marcus Boas 
Illustrations : Marcus Boas
  Singers in the Shadows
Other editions:
Donald M. Grant

"Introduction" by Glenn Lord
"Zukala's Hour"
"The Sea-Woman"
"The Bride of Cuchulain"
"The Stranger"
"White Thunder"
"The Men That Walk With Satan"
"Thus Spake Sven the Fool"
"The Witch"
"Hadrian's Wall"
"Night Mood"
"The Lost Galley"
"The Fear That Follows"
"The Tavern"
"The Road to Hell"
"Attila Rides No More"
"The Twin Gates"
Limited edition of 1500 copies
Six black and white interior illustrations by Marcus Boas.
SINGERS IN THE SHADOWS was compiled and titled by Howard himself in 1928: in that year it was submitted to a New York publishing house, who returned the manuscript with the statement that they were not at that time publishing verse.