Robert E. Howard: Selected Poems
Frank Coffman
Year :
November 2009
Book No. : None
Edition : 1st
Format : Hardcover
Trade Paperback
Pages : xxix plus 527
Cover art : Photo of REH, design by Frank Coffman
Illustrations : None
    Robert E. Howard: Selected Poems
Other editions:

"Introduction" by Frank Coffman
"Works Cited In The Introduction"by Frank Coffman
"Notes On The Introduction" by Frank Coffman
"Some Notes On Editorial Choices And Format"
by Frank Coffman

"Select Bibliography" by Frank Coffman
I. Adventure’s Call & Wanderlust
II. Barbarism Ascendant
III. Celtic Connections, Heritage, Ancestry and the
       "The Northern Thing"

IV. Cosmic Visions
V. Howard’s World
VI. Human Baseness & Natural Depravity
VII. Light & Risqué Verses
VIII. Love, Lust, & Sensuality
IX. Nihilism, Futility, & Disillusionment
X. Poems on Poetry Itself, Poets
XI. People Poems: Vignettes of Humanity
XII. The Realms of Gold: Exotic Places Real and Imagined
XIII. Reflections & Introspections
XIV. Reincarnation
XV. The Road to Yesterday: Poems Based upon History
XVI. Short Measures of Joy & The Awesome Beauty
         of Nature 

XVII. The Soothing Dust: Poems on Suicide and the
           Subject of Death

XVIII. Transience, Mutability, Carpe Diem & Ubi Sunt
XIX. Ballads & Other Narratives
XX. Poems from Biblical & Hebrew Sources
XXI. Boxing Ballads: Poems About Pugilism
XXII. The Dark Continent
XXIII. Dark Fantasy & Horror
XXIV. The Grim Land: Tales of Texas and the West
XXV. Longer Narratives: Howard and Epic Song
XXVI. Pirate Tales
XXVII. Poems Relevant to the Prose Fiction
XXVIII. Viking Tales
XXIX. Poetic Sequences
XXX. Prose Poems 
"Index of Titles"
"Index of First Lines"
"Form-Finder" (Index of the Poems by Form/Genre)