The Adventures of Sailor Steve Costigan: Waterfront Fists 
Violet Crown Radio Players
Year :
May 2006
 No. : None
Edition : Not Available for purchase.
Format : Radio Drama
Cover art : Not Applicable
Other editions:

"Waterfront Fists"

"Waterfront Fists" adapted by Mark Finn
Steve Costigan: Mark Finn
Porky Strauss, Bonehead, Englishman
: Ryan Hill
: Ryan Hill
Phillip D'Arcy, Referee: Bill Allgood
Johnny Blinn, Ace Larnigan, Kid, Coolie: Christian Huey
Limey Griesson: Craig York
Bat, Hindoo, Taxi driver: Ben Gibbs

Director: Cathy Day & Mark Finn
Sound Engineers:  Mark Williams & Ben Gibbs
Sound Effects Technicians:
    Natosha Ellis, Phoebe Greene & Abbey Windham
Producer: Mark Finn, Cathy Day, & Mark Williams