The Adventures of Sailor Steve Costigan: Destiny Gorilla/Day of the Stranger 
Violet Crown Radio Players
Year :
February 2004
 No. : None
Edition : 1st
Format : Compact Disc
Cover art : Jack Dempsey's Fight Magazine
dated August 1934

 Destiny Gorilla
Back cover/Inside sleeve front cover

Other editions:

"Destiny Gorilla"
"Day of the Stranger"
"Destiny Gorilla" adapted by Mark Finn
Steve Costigan: Mark Finn
Teddy Blaine: Amy Wenglar
Waspy Shaw, Gorilla Baker: Ryan Hill
Bill Elkins, Max: Craig York
Cleaning Woman: Phoebe Greene

"Day of the Stranger" is a short play written by Novalyne Price-Ellis.
Jeanne:  Cathy Day
Stranger: Ryan Hill
Mary: Phoebe Greene
Ruth: Lisa Sutton
Jerry: Craig York

Announcer: T. E. Heidel
Music: The Puddin' Hill Mob