Risque Stories #5
Cryptic Publications
Year :
March 1987
Book No. : None
Edition : 1st
Format : Booklet
Pages : 52
Cover art : Stephen E. Fabian
Illustrations : RHK
     Risque Stories #5
Other editions:

"Foreplay" by Robert M. Price
"A Young Wife's Tale" (poem)
"The Cuckoo's Revenge" (poem)
Non-REH Content
"They Saved Rockwell's Brain" by N. Leo Lancer
"Hell Cat of Hong Kong"
by Marc A. Cerasini and Charles Hoffman
(See Notes)
"The Beautiful and Damp" by Manly Wade Wellman
"The Spicy Strips" by Will Murray
Julie de Grandin, Psychic Sleuth in "Trick-or-Treat Terror" by Robert M. Price and Robert H. Knox (comic strip)
Risqué Review
Readers' Rendezvous
Edited by Robert M. Price
Two interior black and white illustrations by RHK.

"Hell Cat of Hong Kong"  is one of five stories featuring REH character John Gorman.
John Gorman was created by Robert E. Howard in an untitled synopsis for a "spicy" adventure story.  
Marc A. Cerasini and Charles Hoffman
took this synopsis and used it as a basis for a short story, "She-Cats of Samarkand." The story was published  under the byline of Sam Walser, a pseudonym REH used when he wrote for the "spicy" pulps.
Four additional John Gorman adventures were published under the author's real names.  All of these stories appeared in Robert M. Price’s Cryptic Publications.

By Robert E. Howard:  
"Untitled Synopsis," Risque Stories #1

By "Sam Walser"
(pseudonym of Marc A. Cerasini and Charles Hoffman):
"She-Cats of Samarkand," Risque Stories #1

By Marc A. Cerasini and Charles Hoffman:
"The Temple of Forbidden Fruit," Risque Stories #2
"Jungle Curse," Risque Stories #3
"Drums of the Bizango," Pulse-Pounding Adventure Stories #1
"Hell Cat of Hong Kong," Risque Stories #5