Robert E. Howard: The Power of the Writing Mind
Mythos Books, LLC
Year : December 2003
Book No. : 0972854509
Edition : 1st
Format : Trade paperback (8.5 x 11)
Pages : 80
Cover art : Rick Cortes
Illustrations : Profusely illustrated by Gary Gianni, Rick Cortes, Mark Schultz, Rick McCollum, David Burton.
 REH: The Power of the Writing Mind

Other editions:

"Introduction" by Ben Szumskyj
"An Introduction to the Life and Works of Robert E. Howard" by  Joe Marek
"The Door to the Garden"
"A Short History of the Conan Typescripts"
by Patrice Louinet

"The Devil's Woodchopper" (fragment)
"Pages from As the Poet Says" by Rusty Burke
"Three Autobiographical Letters"
("I was born about twenty-three . . .")
To Farnsworth Wright, circa June/July 1931
("In your last letter you asked me to give you . . .")
To Wilfred Branch Talman, circa September 1931
("Thank you very much for the letter you wrote . . .")

"And in This Corner…hailing from Nazareth…-or-what the Eddas Don’t Tell You" by  Scott Sheaffer
"Double Cross"
"Am-Ra: Howard’s Lost Hero" by Ben Szumskyj
"Introduction to ‘The Right Hook’" by Tom Munnerlyn
"The Right Hook No. 1 Vol. 1 "
     "Twentieth Century Slave Trade"
     "The Great Munney Ring" (article)
     "Bookmen and Books" (article)
     "Sisters" (article)
     "Sporting Page" (article)
     "Puritans" (article)
     "Vengeance of a Woman"
     "Sordid Sayings of a Simple Sap"
     "L'Envoi" (1, “Live like a wolf then”) (poem)
"An Interview with Glenn Lord" by  Joe Marek
"Some People Who Have Had Influence Over Me"
"Afterword" by  Ben Szumskyj
"The Right Hook No. 1 Vol. 1" is Robert E. Howard material from a zine produced by a nineteen-year old Robert E. Howard.   It was previously published in: AUSTIN, VOL. 3, #2, Tom Munnerlyn, September 1992 (For REHupa 117)
"Some People Who Have Had Influence Over Me" is a high school essay.
"The Door to the Garden" is published as "Untitled"
Edited by Ben Szumskyj