The "New" Howard Reader #5
Joe & Mona Marek
Year : March 1999
Book No. : None
Edition : 1st
Format : Periodical (8.5 x 11, saddle stapled)
Pages : 44 (includes front and back covers)
Cover art : James B. Zimmerman
The "New" Howard Reader #5

Other editions:

"The Dance with Death" (poem)
"Redflame" (incomplete)
Letter to WEIRD TALES, ca. March 1930,
“ ‘Thirsty Blades’ is fine.”

"When Death Drops Her Veil" (poem)
Letter to E. Hoffmann Price, 15 February 1936,
“I’ve eventually found time . . .”

"Heritage" (poem)
"Black Country"
"Nocturne" (poem)
"Intrigue in Kurdistan" (incomplete)
Letter to August Derleth, ca. November 1933,
“I enjoyed reading your . . .”

"The Doom Chant of Than-Kul" (poem)
"Counterspells" (poem)
Letter to Kirk Mashburn, ca. March 1932,
“I am writing to express . . .”

"A Song of the Werewolf Folk" (poem)
"Halt! Who Goes There?"
"Dreams" (poem)
"The People of the Serpent"
Handwritten letter to Robert W. Gordon, 2 January 1926,
“Upon seeing a request of yours . . .”

"Wolfsdung" (incomplete)
"Universe" (poem)
Letter to R.H. Barlow, 5 July 1934,
“Here, at last, is the ms . . .”

"The Feud" (poem)
Letter to Novalyne Price, 4 July 1935,
“I take my typewriter in hand . . .”

"The Strange Case of Josiah Wilbarger"
"Madam Goose's Rhymes" (poem)
Letter to Robert W. Gordon, 4 February 1925,
"I am sending you a few songs.”

"The Fear-Master" (incomplete)
"What is Love?" (poem - incomplete)
Letter to Carl Jacobi, ca. Summer 1934,
“Thank you for the kind comments . . .”

"The Vicar of Wakefield"
"Rules of Etiquette" (poem)
Letter to THE RING, ca. early 1926,
“Here is my opinion . . .”

"Tides" (poem)
Untitled ("The times, the times stride on apace and fast") (poem)
Handwritten letter to Tevis Clyde Smith, 7 September 1924, “You ought to be here.”
"The Feud Buster" (magazine version)
Verses in Ebony (poetry - original "dummy" prototype - in facsimile).  Poems include "Black Dawn, " "The Road to Home," "The Gold and the Grey," and "A Song of the Naked Lands."
Letters of Comment by Our Readers
Afterword by Joe Marek
Selected and compiled by Joe Marek
Associate Editor: Rusty Burke
Special Editorial Assistance: Dave Gentzel assisted by  Glenn Lord, Steve Trout, Patrice Louinet, and Ed Waterman
Limited print run of 90 copies.
Signed and numbered by Joe Marek.
Limited to one year of distribution.