Post Oaks & Sand Roughs
Donald M. Grant
Year :
Book No. : 0937986933
Edition : 1st
Format : Hardcover with dust jacket  (6.25 x 9.4 inches)
Pages : 176
Cover art : Phil Hale 
Illustrations : Phil Hale 
    Post Oaks & Sand Roughs
Other editions:

"Introduction" by Glenn Lord 
"Post Oaks & Sand Roughs"
Letter to WESTERN STORY, ca. late fall 1924,
"—And I am not one of those writers . . .
Brief excerpt only, the letter is presumably lost.
Letter to Herbert Klatt, ca. Fall 1925,
"Bohut salaam, bahadur: / Again I write you, . . .
The letter is paraphrased on page 79.
Letter from Farnsworth Wright
Letter to Farnsworth Wright, January 23, 1926
"I have no carbon copy of Wolfshead . . .
"Dula Due to be Champion"
Letter from G.W. McWilliams
Copy of collaboration agreeement for revision of "West of the Rio Grande" by R. Fowler Gafford
Rejection letter from Albert and Charles Boni, Inc.
Rejection letter from Dodd, Mead and Co.
"The Seven-Up Ballad" (poem)
Semi-autobiographical novel centering around Howard's friends, acquaintances, and the towns in which he lived.