Planeta #7
Editora Três
Year :
March 1973
Book No. : Unknown
Edition : 1st 
Format : Periodical
Pages : 128
Cover art : Unknown
Illustrations : Luís Trimano
Planeta #7      
Other editions:

"A Fênix na Espada" / "The Phoenix on the Sword"
Non-REH Content
"Casos malditos" /  "Cursed cases" (Column)
"Os animaisplanificam os nascimentos?" /
"Do the animals plan its births?"
by Remy Chauvin  (Article)

"Em busca da serpence marinha" /
"In search of the sea-snake" 
by Bernard Heuvelmans
"Os sonhos" / "The dreams"
by Raymond Becker (Article)

"Interpretação dos sonhos" / "Dreams interpretation"
"Os sonhos são necessários?" /
"Are the dreams necessary?"
by Aimé Michel
"O mito das sereias" / "The sirens' myth"
by Bráulio do Nascimento
"Um companheiro de Lúcifer" / "A Lucifer's friend"
by  Jacques Mousseau
(Bibliographic Material)
"Matéria especial: Os homens podem falar com os peixes" /  "Special feature: The man can talk with fish"
by  Jacques Bergier
"Vonnegut, autor paranóico" /
"Vonnegut, paranoic author"
by Jacques Verne
(Bibliographic Material)
"A arte de Octávio Araujo" /
"The art of Octávio Araujo" 
Gallery of Brazilian artist Octávio Araujo

"A arte que nasceu do medo" /
"The art thar was born from the fear"
by Luís Galdino – Pre-historic art in Brazil

"Os espíritos diferentes" / "The different spirits"

"Jornal de Planeta" / "Planeta’s news" (Column)
The first translation of REH material in Brazil (excluding Marvel Comics, which were published in Brazil in 1971). The story was published in the 7th issue of Planeta Magazine – a version of the French publication Planète, focused on esoteric subjects (UFOs and parapsycology).
This version of the story is heavily edited, and changes some names (Stygia to Egypt, Toth-Amon to Tot-Amon, and Aquilonia to Aquilon). The text had illustrations from Argentinian artist Luís Trimano. Other texts in the same issue of the magazine focused on subjects like dreams, sirens, Kurt Vonnegut, and Aleister Crowley.
Language: Portuguese
Published in Brazil