The Perils of Sailor Costigan
Dennis McHaney
Year : Christmas 1987
Book No. : None
Edition : 1st
Format : Chapbook with dust wrapper
Pages : 80 (un-numbered)
Cover art : Tom Foster
Illustrations : Tom Foster
"Vikings of the Gloves"
"The TNT Punch"
"Sailor Costigan and the Swami"
"Three Perils of Sailor Costigan"
Printed in an edition of 25 copies, only 11 of which were bound and distributed.
Intended as a Christmas present for friends, this handmade book, made from xerox paste-ups, was a project abandoned after putting together 11 copies because the publisher's expensive saddle stapler broke from stapling such thick stock on the cover.
These are the Sailor Costigan yarns that had previously appeared in The Howard Review.


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