People of the Dark: The Weird Works of Robert E. Howard, Volume 3
Wildside Press
Year : July 2005
Book No. : 0809511762
Edition : 1st
Format : Hardcover with dust jacket
Pages : 214
Cover art : Stephen Fabian
Illustrations : None
People of the Dark   

Other editions:
Trade Paperback

"Howard - The Texas Phoenix Flames in Darkness"
by Joe R. Lansdale

"Kings of the Night"
"The Song of the Mad Minstrel" (poem)
"Children of the Night"
"The Footfalls Within"
"The Gods of Bal-Sagoth"
"The Black Stone"
"The Dark Man"
"The Thing on the Roof"
"The Last Day" (poem)
"Horror from the Mound"
"People of the Dark"
Edited by Paul Herman
Jacket design by John Betancourt