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The Last of the Trunk Och Brev I Urval
The Conan Series: A Witch Shall Be Born

The Conan Series: Beyond the Black River

The Conan Series: Black Colossus

The Conan Series: Iron Shadows in the Moon

The Conan Series: Queen of the Black Coast

The Conan Series: The Frost-Giant’s Daughter

The Cormac Fitzgeoffrey Series: The Blood of Belshazzar

The Cormac Fitzgeoffrey Series: Hawks of Outremer

The Cormac Fitzgeoffrey Series: The Slave Princess

The El Borak Series: Blood of the Gods

The El Borak Series: Hawk of the Hills

The El Borak Series: Son of the White Wolf

The El Borak Series: Sons of the Hawk

The El Borak Series: The Daughter of Erlik Khan

The El Borak Series: Three-Bladed Doom

The Kull Series: By This Axe I Rule!

The Kull Series: Kings of the Night

The Kull Series: Swords of the Purple Kingdom

The Kull Series: The Cat and the Skull

The Kull Series: The Screaming Skull of Silence

The Kull Series: The Shadow Kingdom

The Solomon Kane Series: Rattle of Bones

The Solomon Kane Series: Red Shadows

The Solomon Kane Series: Skulls in the Stars

The Solomon Kane Series: The Blue Flame of Vengeance

The Solomon Kane Series: The Children of Asshur

The Solomon Kane Series: The Footfalls Within

The Solomon Kane Series: The Hills of the Dead