Oriental Stories
Odyssey Publications
Year :
Book No. : Odyssey Publication 3
Edition : 1st 
Format : Booklet
Pages : 128
Cover art : Margaret Brundage
Illustrations : Joseph Doolin
    Oriental Stories
Other editions:  None

"The Voice of El-Lil"
Non-REH Content
"The Yellow River" by Hung Long Tom (Poem)
"The Dragoman's Slave Girl" by Otis Adelbert Kline
"The Hidden Monster" by David H. Keller
"The Djinnee of El Sheyb" by G. G. Pendarves
"The White Queen" by Francis Hard
"The Ball of Fire" by S. B. N. Hurst
"Shaykh Ahamad & the Pious Companions"
by E. Hoffmann Price
"The Dancer of Djogyakarta"
by Warren Hastings Miller
"The Mystic Rose" by Hung Long Tom (Poem)
"The Rug" by Hung Long Tom (Poem)
"Scented Gardens" by Dorothy Quick
The Souk
Edited by William H. Desmond, Diane M. Howard,
John R. Howard, and Robert K. Wiener
The cover art is from the Spring 1932 issue of ORIENTAL STORIES (Volume 2 Number 2).  It is the first pulp cover work by Brundage to be published.
Facsimile reprint with the original pulp illustrations.
The artist for "The Voice of El-Lil" is unknown.
All of the reprinted stories originally appeared in ORIENTAL STORIES, but they are not from the same issue.