Never At Night 
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Book No. : Unknown
Edition : 1st
Format : Paperback
Pages : Unknown
Cover : Unknown
Illustrations :

"Rogues in the House"
Non-REH Contents
"The Closed Door" by Harold Ward
"The Third Thumb-Print" by Mortimer Levitan
"The Death Crescents of Koti" by Romeo Poole
"Swamp Horror" by Will Smith & R.J. Robbins
"Golden Lilies" by Oscar Cook
"The Seven Locked Room" by Jessie D. Kerruish
"Creeping Fingers" by Loretta G. Burrough
"Out of the Earth" by Flavia Richardson
"The Man Who Was Saved" by B. W. Sliney
"Dorner Cordaianthus" by Hester Holland
"The Thing in the Cellar" by D. H. Keller
"The Crack" by Oswell Blakeston
"The Last Trip" by Archie Binns
Edited by Christine Campbell Thomson
Reprint of MORE NOT AT NIGHT with  a new title.
All stories are from the 'Not At Night' anthologies published by Selwyn and Blount.
Never At Night
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More Not at Night