Gary Gianni's Monstermen and Other Scary Stories
Dark Horse Books
Year :
March 2012 (Hardcover)  
July 2017 (Trade paperback &
Book No. : ISBN-13: 9781595828293 (Hardcover)
ISBN-13: 9781506704807 (Trade paperback)
ISBN-13: 9781506704814 (eBook)
ASIN: B072HSTFL2 (eBook)
Edition : 1st
Format : Hardcover
Trade paperback
eBook (Kindle)
Pages : 164
Cover art : Gary Gianni
Illustrations : Gary Gianni
       Gary Gianni's Monstermen and Other Scary Stories  
Other editions: None


"Old Garfield's Heart"  
Story: Robert E. Howard;  Art: Gary Gianni
Non-REH Contents
"Foreword" by Gary Gianni
"Introduction" by Michael Chabon
The Monstermen by Gary Gianni (comics)
"Silent as the Grave"
"Autopsy in B-Flat"
"A Gift for the Wicked"
"The Skull and the Snowman"
"O Sinner Beneath Us"
Illustrated Prose Stories
"The Gateway of the Monster"
by William Hope Hodgson
"A Tropical Horror" by William Hope Hodgson
"Mother of Toads" by Clark Ashton Smith
"Thurnley Abbey" by Perceval Landon
Editor: Scott Allie
"Old Garfield's Heart" is illustrated with six pen and ink line drawings by Gary Gianni.
Collects comics and illustrated prose stories originally published in Hellboy: Wake the Devil, Hellboy Christmas Special, Hellboy: The Wild Hunt, Hellboy: Almost Colossus, The Dark Horse Book of Monsters, The Dark Horse Book of the Dead, The Dark Horse Book of Hauntings, The Dark Horse Book of Witchcraft, and The MonsterMen: The Skull and the Snowman.