The Man From Cross Plains: A Centennial Celebration of Two-Gun Bob Howard
Dennis McHaney
Year : May 2006
Book No. : None
Edition : 1st
Format :
Trade paperback
Format : Hardcover with dust jacket
Pages : 310
Cover art : Rob Roehm and Dennis McHaney
Illustrations : David Burton, Bill Cavalier, Tom Foster, Ed Emshwiller, Gary Gianni, Jim and Ruth Keegan, Roy G. Krenkel, Jean-Michel Nicollet, Mark Shultz, C. C. Senf
    The Man From Cross Plains
Other editions:
Project Pride

"Introduction" by Dennis McHaney
"The Ghost with the Silk Hat" by REH
Cross Plains Memories
"Robert E. Howard on Cross Plains"
compiled by Rusty Burke
"Cross Plains 1967: Missed Opportunities"
by Brian Leno
"Cross Plains, REHupa and Me" by Bill Cavalier
"Cross Plains Memories" by Rob Roehm
"Cross Plains, Hometown of my Heart" by Rusty Burke
Our Favorite Barbarian
"What We Talk About When We Talk About Belit"
by Gary Romeo
"The Black Stranger and Why I Hate It So: A Derisive Assessment of a Conan Story Way Too Many People Think is Great" by Bill Cavalier
"A Brief Publishing History of Gnome Press and The Conan Series" by Scotty Henderson
"The Shadow of the Dragon" by Don Herron
"Fate and Danger" by Larry Richter
Yarn Spinner
"Gothic Influences" by Steven Trout
"Echoes From Bal-Sagoth" by Damon C. Sasser
"NéO - The French Howard Connection"
by Patrice Louinet
"Herbert Klatt: The Fourth Musketeer" by Glenn Lord
"Rope" by Herbert Klatt
"From Ala to Zarfhaana: The Names of the Pre-Cataclysmic Age, A-Z" by Fred Blosser
"Atavists All? Howard's Boxing Heroes As Throwbacks" by Chris Gruber
"A Death By Incarceration?" by Danny Street
In Search of Robert E. Howard
"How to be a Howard Guerilla" by Mark Finn
"Hunting Howard" by Rob Roehm
"A Brownwood Memory" by Lee Breakiron
Corrections to "The Ghost with the Silk Hat"
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Notes - Print on Demand
Edited by Dennis McHaney
The first 23 hardcover editions were signed by Dennis McHaney and Tom Foster.
This book contains over 60 black and white photos.
It also contains over 60 black and white cover reproductions of publications by and featuring REH.

"The Ghost with the Silk Hat" was originally published in WRITER OF THE DARK by Dark Carneval Press. Nearly three dozen changes were made to the text.
The text included in THE MAN FROM CROSS PLAINS was taken from the typescript and a few corrections are noted at the back of the book.
On December 27, 2005, a wildfire broke out in Callahan County, Texas.  The fire destroyed much of Cross Plains.
All profits from the sale of
THE MAN FROM CROSS PLAINS were donated to The City of Cross Plains Fire Relief Fund.