The Mammoth Book of Zombie Comics
Robinson (U.K.)
Year :
October 2008
Book No. : 9781845297145
Edition : 1st
Format : Trade paperback
Pages : 480
Cover art : Carlos Kastro
Illustrations : See contents listing
  The Mammoth Book of Zombie Comics        
Other editions:
Running Press

"Pigeons from Hell" adapted by Scott and Tracy Hampton
Non-REH Contents
"Making Amends" by Steve Niles (script), Josh Medors (art)
"Pariah" by Jon Ayre (script), One Neck (art)
"In Sickness" by Jon Ayre & Stephen Hill
"Necrotic: Dead Flesh on a Living Body"
by Buddy Scalera, M. Swank
(script), Pat Quinn (art)
"The Immortals" by Darko Macan (script), Edvin Biukovic (art)
"Flight From Earth"
by Oleg Kozyrev (script), Roman Surzhenko (art)

"Amy" by Mark Bloodworth (script), Vincent Locke (art)
"Black Sabbath" by Stuart Kerr (script), Vincent Locke (art)
"M*A*Z*H" by Andrew Davies (script), Laura Watton (art)
"Dead Eyes Open" by Matthew Shepherd, Roy Boney Jr. (art)
"Might of the Living Dead" by Indio
"Job Satisfaction" by Gary Crutchley
"The Corpse" by Askold Akishin
"The Haunted Ship" by Askold Akishin
"Zombie" by Askold Akishin
"Zombie World: Dead End" by Stephen Blue
"Zombies" by Kieron Gillen (script), Andy Bloor (art)
Edited by David Kendall