The Mammoth Book of Best Horror Comics
Running Press
Year :
March 2008
Book No. : ISBN-13: 9780786720729
Edition : 1st
Format : Trade paperback
Pages : 544
Cover art : A. C. Hollingsworth (EERIE #13, 1953)
Illustrations : See contents listing 
       The Mammoth Book of Best Horror Comics    
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"Dream Snake" adapted by Roy Thomas (script), Tim Sale (art) (Black & white)
Reprinted from Cross Plains Comics ROBERT E. HOWARD MYTH MAKER
Non-REH Contents
The Dark Age of Comics - 1940s and 1950s
"Famous Tales of Terror"
"Hitler's Head"
"No Rest for the Dead"
"The Secret Files of Dr Drew"
"The Corpse That Wouldn't Die!"
"Bride of Death"
"Dungeon of Doom"
"Terror of the Stolen Legs"
"Den of Horror"
"The Living-Dead"
"Marching Zombies"
"Grave Rehearsal"
"A Glimpse of the Pit"
"The Horror of the Walking Corpse"
"The Thing That Walked at Night"
"Partners in Blood"
"Dead Man's Revenge"
"The Hand of Glory"
"The Man Who Would Be Fate"
The Terror Returns - 1960s and 1970s
"The Monster of Dread End"
"Santa's Claws" by Frank Brunner
"The Game Keeper" by Tom Sutton
"Fatal Scalpel"
"The Weirdest Character I've Ever Known! " by Joe Gill  (script), Tom Sutton (art)
"Now... Another Maniac!"
"Through a Glass Darkly" by Tom Sutton
"Ghouls Walk Among Us" by Augustine Funnell (script), Ferran Sostress (art)
"Tradition of the Wolf" by Edward Fedory (script), Robert Mrtin (art)
"Sea of Graves" by Otto Binder (script), Mike Kaluta (art)
The Faithful Few - 1980s and 1990s
"Killer Planet" by Rand Holmes
"Over His Head" by Bruce Jones (script), Mike Ploog (art)
"Christmas Carol" by Arthur Suydam
"Mr Monster: His World" by Michael Gilbert
"Home Ties" by Bruce Jones (script), Mike Hoffman (art)
"One of these Days" by Stuart Kerr (script), Vincent Locke (art)
"The Dunwich Horror" by  John Coulthart
A New Millennium for the Macabre - 21st Century
"Dread End" by Pete Von Sholly
"The Festival" by Grant Margetts
"The Crawlspace" by Stephen Sennitt (script), James Fletcher (art)
"Immortal: A Vampire Tale" by Dave Hitchcock
"There Was an Old Woman" by  Socar Myles
"Cal McDonald: A Letter from B. S." by Steve Niles (script), Ben Templesmith (art)
"Luna's Story Little Red Riding Hood" by Serena Valentino (script), Foo Swee Chin (art)
"The Graveswellers" by  Pete Von Sholly
"Shuteye" by Joe Monks (script), James Helkowski (art)

Edited by Peter Normanton