Magira #38
Erster Deutscher Fantasy Club
Year :
Spring 1992
Book No. : ISBN-10: 3-924443-52-1
ISSN: 0934-1455
Edition : 1st
Format : Periodical
Pages : 76 plus covers
Cover art : Front: Peter Eilhardt
Back: Joseph Schwab
Illustrations : Jörg Baschkowski, Franz Berthold, Pieranglo Boog, Peter Eilhardt, WE Guth, Bernd Haban, Juraj Maxon 44; Christine Perry, Helmut Pesch, Wilhelm Schaberich, Josef Schwab, Hubert Swiss
  Magira #38
Other editions:

"The Dance with Death" (poem)
Verse in English and German
Non-REH Contents
Impressum (Indicia)
"Aus Der Welt Der Fantasy"
("From the World of Fantasy") by Hugh Walker
("Son of God") by Andrew J. Offutt
"Hintergründe Zur Diebeswelt"
("Background to Thieves World")
by Andrew J. Offutt (article)
"Don't the Great Tales Never End?"
by Helmut W. Pesch
"Eisatnahp" by Franz Schwabeneder and Hubert Strassl
"Conan's Welt" ("Conan's World")  (Map)
by Erhard Ringer and Johann Peterka

Edited by Hugh Walker
The Erster Deutscher (First German) Fantasy Club is a cultural and scientific non-profit organization that deals with the field of fantasy and of sci-fi genre.
First appearance: "The Dance With Death"
Language: German