Magira #35
Erster Deutscher Fantasy Club
Year :
Winter 1985
Book No. : None
Edition : 1st
Format : Periodical
Pages : 62 plus covers
Cover art : Front: Franz Berthold
Back: Angelo Boog
Illustrations : Franz Berthold, Angelo Boog, Constante Domenighetti, Peter Eilhardt, Jochen Fortmann, Walter E. Guth, Bernd Haban, Ansgar Leuthner, Joanne Nilsson, Helmut Pesch, Wilhelm Schaberich, Hubert Schweizer
   Magira #35
Other editions:

"Mond des Grauens" ("Moon of Zambebwei")
Translated by Klaus Mahn
"Recompense" (poem, lines 1-4 only)
Translated by Helmut Pesch
Illustrated by Ansgar Leuthner
Non-REH Contents
Impressum (Indicia & preview)
"German Fantasy Prizes" by Hugh Walker (announcement)    
"Von Helden Und Halblingen"
("Of Heroes and Halflings
") by Marion Zimmer Bradley (article)    
"Mittelerde: Ein  Quest" ("Middle-Earth: A Quest")
by Claudia Kinscher (article)

"Fantasy Index" by Hermann Urbanek
Bibliography of German fantasy books published 1982-1985  
"Karabrek" by Joanne Nilsson

Edited by Hugh Walker
The Erster Deutscher (First German) Fantasy Club is a cultural and scientific non-profit organization that deals with the field of fantasy and of sci-fi genre.
Language: German