Magira #29/30
Erster Deutscher Fantasy Club
Year :
January 1978
Book No. : None
Edition : 1st
Format : Periodical
Pages : 150
Cover art : Front: Pierangelo Boog
Back: Pierangelo Boog
Illustrations : Franz Berthold, Pierangelo Boog, Peter Eilhardt,
Wolfgang Heuwagen,
Roy G. Krenkel,
Wolfgang Liebelt,
Helmut Pesch,
Hubert Schweizer,
Ernst Vlcek, Ralf Wolf
     Magira #29/30
Other editions:

Letter to P. Schuyler Miller, March 10, 1936,
"I feel indeed honored that you and Dr. Clark . . ."

Translated by Gottfried Mayrock
"Die Teufel von Basti" ("The Hawk of Basti")
Translated by Wolfgang Liebelt

("The Phoenix on the Sword" [verse heading] & "Always Comes Evening" [lines 11 & 12])
Translated by Hubert Strassl
"Des Träumers Lohn" ("Recompense") (poem)
Translated by Helmut Pesch
Letter to Farnsworth Wright, ca. June-July 1931,
"In your last letter you asked me to give you . . ."

Letter to E. Hoffmann Price, February 15, 1936,
"I have eventually found time to answer your cards."

Non-REH Contents
"Schwert & Magie" ("Sword & Magic")
Hugh Walker (editorial)
"L. Sprague de Camp: Poseidonis Abenteuer"
("L. Sprague de Camp: Poseidonis Adventure")
Johanna Nilsson
"Der Stärkere Zauber" ("The Stronger Magic")
by L. Sprague de Camp
"Litanei zu Vraidos" ("Litany to Vraidos")
Helmut Pesch (poem)
"Hyborianische Technik" ("Hyborian Technolog")
L. Sprague de Camp
"Ein Portfolio" ("A Portfolio") by Roy G. Krenkel
"Impressum" ("Preview") 
"Sinsternis - Zeit ohne Hoffnung"
("Darkness - Time without Hope")
Bernd Lehnoff (poem)  
"Verdauliches & Unverdauliches von R. E. Howard"
("Digestible & Undigestible R. E. Howard") 

by Hermann Urbanek
"Terra Fantasy" by Hugh Walker (Paperback index) 
"Englischsprachige Bibliographie"
("English Bibliography")
by L. Sprague de Camp (bibliography of de Camp' s books)
 "Zothique" by Clark Ashton Smith (poem)     
 "Ein Portfolio" ("A Portfolio") by Ernst Vlcek
Edited by Hubert Strassl
The Erster Deutscher (First German) Fantasy Club is a cultural and scientific non-profit organization that deals with the field of fantasy and of sci-fi genre.
Limited to 350 copies
Language: German