Magira #26
Year :
Fall 1976
Book No. : None
Edition : 1st
Format : Periodical
Pages : 72
Cover art : Front: Alex Newport
Back: Hubert Schweizer
Illustrations : Ralf Wolf, Helmut Pesch, Johanna Nilsson, Steve Gan, Hubert Schweizer, Heinz Voss, Franz Berthold, Ulex Linkport, Ed Emshwiller, Peter Eilhardt, Virgil Finlay, Pierangelo Boog, Wolfgang Liebelt, Josef Ochmann, Roy G. Krenkel
     Magira #26
Other editions:

Letter to Harold Preece, dated 4 January, 1930  
"Yes, we fade from youth swiftly."
Translated by Johanna Nilsson
Non-REH Contents
"Schwert & Magie" ("Sword & Magic") by Hubert Strassl  (editorial)
"Flame-face" by John Jakes (poem, English)  
"Flame-face" by John Jakes (poem)   
"Brak der Barbar" Part II  ("Brak the Barbarian") by Hermann Hausruckinger (article)
"Dichtungen des Wunderbaren" by Rupert Bauer (article)    
"Verdauliches und Unverdauliches" by Helmut Pesch (reviews)    
"Old Waranian Song" by Hugh Walker (poem, English)    
"Die Letzte Beschworung" ("The Last Incantation") by Clark Ashton Smith
"Die Pikten" by Eduard Lukschandl (article)  

Publisher: Follow (Fellowship of the Lords of the Lands of Wonder)
Edited by Hubert Strassl
The Erster Deutscher (First German) Fantasy Club is a cultural and scientific non-profit organization that deals with the field of fantasy and of sci-fi genre.
Limited to 300 copies
Language: German unless otherwise noted