Magira #23/24
Year :
December  1975
Book No. : None
Edition : 1st
Format : Periodical
Pages : 104
Cover art : Front: Roy G. Krenkel
Back: Ernst Vlcek
Illustrations : Pierangelo Boog, Peter Eilhardt, Michael Guttmann, Frank P. Herbst, Roy G. Krenkel, Thomas Lamm, Guntram Latsch, Wolfgang Liebelt, Johanna Nilsson,   Alex Newport, Pedro Originales, Helmut Pesch, Ernst Vlcek, Ralf Wolf, Ansgar Lauthner
       Magira #23/24
Other editions:


"Red Blades of Black Cathay" (verse heading, German & English)
Letter to Harold Preece dated 5 September 1928
"Yes, I like the idea of Eldorado . . ."

"A Song of the Race" (poem, German & English)
"The Tempter" (poem, lines 3, 4, 12, 16-20, 24-26 only)
"Die schwerter sind rot im schwarzen Cathay" ("Red Blades of Black Cathay")
by Robert E. Howard & Tevis Clyde Smith
"Rune" (poem)  
"Moonlight on a Skull" (poem) 
Non-REH Contents
"Schwert & Magie" ("Sword & Magic") by Hubert Strassl  (editorial)
"Conan auf Kreuzzug" ("Conan on Crusade") by Allan Howard (article from Amra)
"Die schwerter sind rot im schwarzen Cathay" ("Red Blades of Black Cathay")
(uncredited Introduction)
 "Verdaulisches & Unverdaulisches" by Helmut Pesch (reviews) 
"Robert E. Howard: Sein Leben und sein Tod" ("Robert E. Howard: His Life and His Death")
by Wolfgang Liebelt (article based on L. Sprague de Camp's "The Miscast Barbarian.")
"R. E. Howards hyborsiches Zeitalter" by Rolf Michael (article)   
"Terra Fantasy" by Eduard Lukschandl (reviews) 
"So hebt mieb . . ." ("All fled, all done . . .") (poem)
Taken from the poem "The House of Caesar" by Viola Garvin.
"Robert E. Howard Bibliographie" (uncredited bibliography of German books)   
 Letter to Francis T. Laney dated 22 Jul 1944 by E. Hoffmann Price

Publisher: Follow (Fellowship of the Lords of the Lands of Wonder)
Edited by Hubert Strassl
Limited to 300 copies
Language: German unless otherwise noted