Kull: Exile of Atlantis 
Tantor Media Inc.
Year :
January 2010
Book No. :
ISBN-10: 1400112273
ISBN-13: 9781400112272

Edition : 1st
Format :
Compact disk
Discs :
10 disk set
Cover art : Justin Sweet
    Kull: Exile of Atlantis
Other editions:

"Introduction" (Disk 1)
Untitled Story "The sun was setting." (Disk 1)
[Previously published as "Exile of Atlantis"]
"The Shadow Kingdom" (Disk 1)
"The Mirrors of Tuzun Thune" (Disk 2)
Untitled Draft "'Thus,' said Tu, chief councillor, . . ." (Disk 3)
"The Cat and the Skull" (Disk 3)
"The Screaming Skull of Silence" (Disk 4)
"The Striking of the Gong" (Disk 5)
"The Altar and the Scorpion" (Disk 5)
"The Curse of the Golden Skull" (Disk 5)
"The Black City" [Unfinished Fragment] (Disk 5)
Untitled fragment "Three men sat at a . . ."  (Disk 5)
"By This Axe I Rule!" (Disk 5)
"Swords of the Purple Kingdom" (Disk 6)
"The King and the Oak" (poem)  (Disk 7)
"Kings of the Night" (Disk 7)
"Miscellanea" (Disk 8)
The "Am-ra of the Ta-an" Fragments
  "Summer Morn" (poem)
  "Am-ra the Ta-an" (poem)
  "The Tale of Am-ra"
  Untitled and unfinished fragment
      "A land of wild fantastic beauty . . . "
  Untitled and incomplete fragment
      "determined. So I set out up the hill . . ."

"The Shadow Kingdom" [Draft] (Disk 8)
"Delcardes Cat" [Draft] (Disk 8)
"The King and the Oak" [Draft] (poem) (Disk 9)
"Atlantean Genesis" by Patrice Louinet (Disk 10)
Read by Todd McLaren
Approximately 12 hours in length
The disk numbers noted above are where the story narration begins. Some stories are continued on subsequent disks.