JAPM: The Poetry Weekly Volume 3 Number 12
Benjamin Francis Musser
Year :
September 16, 1929
Book No. : None
Edition : 1st
Format : Periodical
Pages : Unknown
Cover art : None
Illustrations : Unknown
   JAPM: The Poetry Weekly Volume 3 Number 12   

Other editions: None


"Red Thunder" (poem)
Non-REH Contents
"Afterward" by Blanche Waltrip Rose
Other contents unknown
First appearance: "Red Thunder"
Published and edited by Benjamin Francis Musser
Started in 1928 and ended in 1929.
JAPM stands for "Just Another Poetry Magazine".
Musser published CONTEMPORARY VERSE and JAPM: THE POETRY WEEKLY. Both journals ceased publication at the end of 1929 when they were merged with BOZART, THE BI-MONTHLY POETRY REVIEW. Musser devoted the rest of his life to religious work.