The Iron Man with The Adventures of Dennis Dorgan 
Year :
October 1983
Book No. : ISBN-10: 0441373658
Edition : 1st
Format : Paperback
Pages : 232
Cover art : The artist is not credited.
A signature on the artwork is covered by the title except for a single letter F.
The cover may be by Steve Fabian.
Illustrations : None
  The Iron Man with The Adventures of Dennis Dorgan
Other editions:
Zebra: Dorgan
Zebra: Iron Man

"Introduction" (The Iron Man) by Donald M. Grant
"Men of Iron"
"The Iron Man"
"They Always Come Back"
"Fists of the Desert"
"Introduction" (Dennis Dorgan) by Darrell C. Richardson
"Alleys of Singapore"
"The Jade Monkey"
"The Mandarin Ruby"
"The Yellow Cobra"
"In High Society"
"Playing Journalist"
"The Destiny Gorilla"
"A Knight of the Round Table"
"Playing Santa Claus"
"The Turkish Menace"
Combines the text of the Zebra editions of THE IRON MAN and THE ADVENTURES OF DENNIS DORGAN.