Imaginary Worlds 
Year :
June 1973
Book No. : 03309
Edition : 1st
Format : Paperback
Pages : 278
Cover art : Gervasio Gallardo
Illustrations : None
Imaginary Worlds    
Other editions:

"The Singer in the Mist" (poem , lines 9-14 only)
Non-REH Content
"Introduction: The Empire of Imagination"
"From Uruk to Utterbol: William Morris and the First Fantasy Novels"
"The World's Edge, and Beyond: The Fiction of Dunsany, Eddison, and Cabell"
"Lost Cities, Forgotten Ages: The Rise of Fantasyin the American Pulp Magazines"
"The Mathematics of Magic: Imaginary World Fantasy in Unknown"
"From The Night Land to Narnia: The Road to The Lord of the Rings"
"The Inklings Produce a Classic: The Achievement of Tolkien and His Influence"
"Post-Howardian Heroica: The Swordsmen and Sorcerers Guild of America, Ltd"
"The Young Magicians: Some Modern Masters of Fantasy"
"Of World-Making: Some Problems of the Invented Milieu"
"A Local Habitation and a Name: Some Observations on Neocognomina"
"The Tricks of the Trade: Some Advanced Techniques of World-Making"
Notes to the Chapters
Bibliography 1: General References
Bibliography 2: The Adult Fantasy Series
Edited by Lin Carter
Non-fiction discussion of various fantasy writers including a section on REH, including L. Sprague de Camp's involvement.