The Howard Review #8 
Dennis McHaney
Year : Summer 1988 (See notes)
Book No. : None
Format : Chapbook (8.5 x 11, stapled)
Pages : 34
Cover art : Stephen E. Fabian (Front)
Roy G. Krenkel
  (Back) [shown at right]
Illustrations : Tom Foster, Marcus Boas, Dennis Kesler, Mike Kaluta, and The Mukus Brothers.
"A Cracked Voice from the Dim Forgotten Past"
by Dennis McHaney (Editorial)

"Conan Creator Leaves Legacy" by Pat Remick
"The Short, Sweet Life and Death of A FAN'S Magazine" by Dennis McHaney
"The Series Characters of Robert E. Howard "
by Dennis McHaney
"Whatever Happened to THE HOWARD READER?"
by Dennis McHaney
"Introduction to THE HOWARD READER"
by Glenn Lord
"Conan the Memphian, or Mimeographs Etched in Blood and Roaches" by Tom Foster
"Erk the Barbarian, or, Conan the Memphian Part II"
by Tom Foster
Edited by Dennis McHaney
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Dated Summer 1988 and marked as a "Special Advanced Edition for REHupa", but not for that date.
 The Howard Review #8
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