The Howard Review #2 
Dennis McHaney & Tom Foster
Year : March 1975
Book No. : None
Format : Tabloid Newspaper
Pages : 24
Cover art : Tom Foster (Front and Back)
Illustrations : Tom Foster
"Editorial" by Dennis McHaney
"Vikings of the Gloves"
"Riding Song" (poem)
"The 3 Perils of Sailor Costigan" (See Notes)
"Song Before Clontarf" (poem)
"The Riot at Bucksnort"
Edited by Dennis McHaney
Published by Dennis McHaney and Tom Foster
Limited edition of 1790 copies.
"Song Before Clontarf" is done in a three page illustrated comic strip format by Tom Foster.
"The 3 Perils of Sailor Costigan" consists of  three untitled stories: untitled story ("I had just hung ..."); untitled story ("It was the end ..."); and  untitled story ("The night Sailor Steve  ...").
Contains the first appearance of:
"Riding Song"
"Song Before Clontarf"
"The 3 Perils of Sailor Costigan"
The Howard Review #2     
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