The Howard Review #11 
Dennis McHaney
Year : July 1998 (See Notes)
Book No. : None
Format : Chapbook (5.5 x 8.5, saddle stapled)
Pages : 24
Cover art : Roy G. Krenkel  (Front)
Rick McCollum (Back)
Illustrations : Rick McCollum, Tom Foster, and
Dennis Kesler
"Introductory Notes" by Dennis McHaney
"New Howard Publications" by Dennis McHaney
"More Unborn Robert E. Howard Books"
by Dennis McHaney

"Thoroughbreds" by Robert E. Howard
"Howard Fandom Today" by  Rusty Burke
"Lives and Crimes of Notable Artists"
by Robert E. Howard

"Comics: Marvel News - Ashley Dust Pen and Ink, Blood and Thunder" by Rick McCollum
Edited by Dennis McHaney
Limited to 300 copies.  
The cover is the same as the cover for The Howard Review #8 except the paper is white.
First appearance of "Thoroughbreds" and "Lives and Crimes of Notable Artists"
The publication date is listed as Spring 1995.
However, it  was actually published in July 1998.

The Howard Review #11  
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