The King-Size Howard Review  
Dennis McHaney
Year : 1987
Book No. : None
Format : Trade paperback (11 x 17)
(1) Side-stapled binding plus outside binding tape to attach it to interior pages.
(2) Spiral bound (shown)
Pages : 40 plus blank cardboard front and back covers, plus blank pages for frontispiece and end papers.
Cover art : None
Illustrations : Steve Fabian, Roy Krenkel, Tom Foster
The Howard Review #1 Second Edition
"Introduction to the Second Edition"
by Dennis McHaney

"The Fearsome Touch of Death"
"Dead Man's Hate" (poem)
"A Thunder of Trumpets"
by Robert E. Howard and Frank T. Torbett
"Moon Mockery" (poem)
The Howard Review #2
"Editorial" by Dennis McHaney
"Vikings of the Gloves"
"Riding Song" (poem)
"The 3 Perils of Sailor Costigan" (See Notes)
"Song Before Clontarf" (poem)
"The Riot at Bucksnort"
Limited edition of 25 copies.
THE HOWARD REVIEW #1 Second Edition (1975) and #2 (1975) combined, edited, and published by Dennis McHaney.
"Song Before Clontarf" is done in a three page illustrated comic strip format by Tom Foster.
"The 3 Perils of Sailor Costigan" consists of  three untitled stories: untitled story ("I had just hung ..."); untitled story ("It was the end ..."); and  untitled story ("The night Sailor Steve  ...").
Ten pages of art by Steve Fabian. Three pages of art by Roy Krenkel. 5 pages of art by Tom Foster.
The King Size Howard Review       
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