The Howard Collector #7 (Volume 2 Number 1)
Glenn Lord
Year :
Winter 1965
Book No. : None
Edition : 1st
Format : Periodical   (5.5 x  9, saddle stapled)
Pages : 36
Cover art : None
Illustrations : None
    The Howard Collector #7
Other editions:

"Spear and Fang"
"The Dust Dance" ["Ah, its little they knew . . ."] (poem)
"Cimmeria" [long and short versions] (poem)
Letter to Harold Preece, ca. March 1929
"I've been very neglectful of my correspondence . . ."
Letter to Harold Preece, postmarked 24 March 1930
"Thanks for the picture."
Letter to Kirk Mashburn, ca. March 1932
"I am writing to express my appreciation for . . ."
Letter to Emil Petaja, 17 December 1934
"Thank you very much for the splendid sonnet."
"Cupid vs. Pollux"
Non-REH Content
"Editorial Notes" by Glenn Lord
Photograph: “Spear and Fang” (Tevis Clyde Smith and Robert E. Howard) - frontispiece
"After ‘Recompense’" by Wade Wellman (poem)
Letter: Chandler Whipple to Glenn Lord, 20 July 1965
"The Warrior" by Emil Petaja (poem)
"Denouement" by Tevis Clyde Smith (poem)
Book Index
Photograph: Truett Vinson and Robert E. Howard
Edited by Glenn Lord.
Limited to 150 copies.