The Howard Collector #11 (Volume 2 Number 5)
Glenn Lord
Year :
Spring 1969
Book No. : None
Edition : 1st
Format : Periodical   (5.5 x  9, saddle stapled)
Pages : 40
Cover art : None
Illustrations : None
    The Howard Collector #11
Other editions:

"The Ghost in the Doorway"
"Thor’s Son" (poem)
"Reuben’s Brethren" (poem)
Letter to Farnsworth Wright, ca. June 1930
"I have long looked forward to reading . . ."
Letter to Clark Ashton Smith, ca. July 1933
"I really must apologize for not having . . ."
Letter to Clark Ashton Smith, postmarked 15 March 1933 "I hardly know how to thank you for the copy . . ."
"The Hour of the Dragon" (verse heading)
"Sunday in a Small Town"
"Ye College Days"
"Where Are Your Knights, Donn Othna?" (poem)

Non-REH Content
"Editorial Notes" by Glenn Lord
"Self-portrait, 1932" by Kirk Mashburn
Letter: Harold Preece to Lenore Preece,
16 January 1965
"Despondency" by Wade Wellman (poem)
from The Tar Heel, 1967, under the title “Futility”
"Daydreams"by L. Sprague de Camp (poem)
"Review: Conan the Warrior" by Fritz Leiber
"Last Jest" by Kirk Mashburn (poem)
Limited to between 300 and 500 copies.
Edited by Glenn Lord.
"The Ghost in the Doorway" is credited
Patrick MacConaire

Letter to Farnsworth Wright, ca. June 1930
is dated August 1930 in THC #11.
The actual date of the letter must precede REH's letter to HPL of July 1930.