The Hour of the Dragon
Donald M. Grant
Year :
Book No. : None
Edition : 1st
Format : Hardcover with dust jacket (7.25 x  10.5)
Pages : 247 (1st state, See Notes)
249 (2nd state
, See Notes)
Cover art : Ezra Tucker
Illustrations : Ezra Tucker
    The Hour of the Dragon   
Other editions:

"The Hour of the Dragon"

Two full page color illustrations.
Three double full page color illustrations.
Several black and white spot illustrations.
This edition has two states.  First state was printed with a page missing after page 71.  It was included in the book as an errata sheet laid in.  The first state has 247 pages.  The second state corrected the printing error and has 249 pages.
No traycase was offered for this title, although Grant did refer buyers to someone (Grey Parrot) who could make one, if they asked.  According to the gent who ran Grey Parrot, only two cases were made for this book; one for Donald Grant and one for Harlan Ellison