High Adventure #100
Adventure House
Year : May 2008
Book No. : 9781597981347
Edition : 1st
Format : Periodical (7 x 10 inches)
Pages : 144
Cover art : Unknown
Illustrations : Original pulp illustrations

"Shanghaied Mitts"
Non-REH Contents
"Fangs of the Cobra" by Bryan James Kelly
"G-Man's Resignation" by Paul Ernst
"She Herded Him Around" by E. Hoffmann Price
"The Everglades Horror" by Hugh B. Cave
"The Bull's-Eye Ace" by Arch Whitehouse
"House of Death" by Frank Gruber
"Let Me Forget" by Jean Francis Webb
"The Literary Corkscrew" by David H. Keller M.D.
"Agents of Doom" by Robert Leslie Bellem
"The Lost Legionaire" by Norman Daniels
Index of PULP REVIEW #2 through #23 and
HIGH ADVENTURE #24 through #99.

Edited by John P. Gunnison
"Shanghaied Mitts" is reprinted from FIGHT STORIES, Summer 1939. It previously appeared as "Texas Fists" in the May 1931 issue FIGHT STORIES. "Shanghaied Mitts" is credited as by Mark Adam.

  High Adventure #100  
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