The Grim Land and Others
Stygian Isle Press
Year :
Book No. : None
Edition : 1st
Format : Booklet
Pages : 34
Cover art : Lee Brown Coye
Illustrations : Stephen Fabian, Gene Day, R. Spurgin,
Frank A. Cirocco, Broc Sears, & others

 The Grim Land and Others    
Other editions:

"Introduction" by Tevis Clyde Smith
"The Devil's Woodchopper"
Completed by Tevis Clyde Smith)
"Ballade of Some Howard Heroes" by Tevis Clyde Smith
"Nectar" (poem)
"The Grim Land" (poem)
"The Gods of the Jungle Drums" (poem)
"De Ole River Ox" (poem)
"The Road to Yesterday" (poem)
"The Adventurer" (poem)
"To An Earthbound Soul" (poem)
"The Outcast" (poem)
"Today" (poem)
"A Pirate Remembers" (poem)
Limited to 450 numbered and signed copies.
Copies were signed by Jonathan Bacon, Publisher.